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Best furniture transportation services in Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates

Families may need to transport their luggage and furniture, so furniture companies in the UAE can provide this service in addition to other services such as furniture packaging and storage. Sometimes you may need a home furniture moving company number, so you don’t need to work harder and harder. Here we provide you with the cheapest furniture transport company in Sharjah, Noor Al Shams Furniture Transport Company is the best furniture shipping company in Sharjah and there are a lot of people resorting to it in the most difficult tasks of transportation. You can visit their website and explore their services on your own.

Noor Furniture Moving Company was established in 2003 and it continues until now to provide the best furniture removal and packaging services, the company is characterized by the presence of skilled manpower of experts and technicians in the dismantling, installation, and packaging of every piece of furniture . The most important of all is that it strives to provide its services 24 hours without interruption. The company is obligated to set the time to move your furniture to the desired destination as quickly as possible, which distinguishes it from other furniture moving companies in Sharjah.

How does the company provide the best furniture removal and packaging services?

The company is always keen to meet all the requests of its customers in various parts of the United Arab Emirates, especially within Sharjah. We are committed to many of the services that you will get in record time, which include both of the following: –

  • Moving home furniture from building to building without any scratches or damages
  • Moving villa furniture in addition to shop furniture
  • Providing furniture removal and packaging services from the transportation authority to the required authority.
  • The company has an integrated team of carpenter, electrician, decoder and packaging technicians.
  • The company uses the best packaging materials that ensure that your belongings are kept safe until they arrive.
  • The possibility of storage for furniture in the case of long-distance delivery.

There are a lot of other things that you can get through the light of the sun to move furniture, with 16 years of experience in moving furniture we always strive to win the trust of customers and achieve all their requirements, we work collectively and this is what distinguishes us from other furniture transport companies in any other place as I am, our prices are reasonable in relation to the various services we provide to clients.

You should know that there are many stages that Sunlight Company is following in order to ensure the perfect transportation of all your luggage and furniture to your home. We can transfer your home furniture in Sharjah or any other city within the United Arab Emirates by several methods followed, none of them are excluded or one of them is ignored until we ensure that the process of moving the furniture is easy and quality.

How do we do our jobs?

Steps to move furniture from Sharjah?

Steps to move furniture from Sharjah?

There are a number of stages that the company always follows when moving furniture from a villa to a villa or from one place to another, these stages take place through a team of professionals in the company who are fully aware of all types of furniture and the method of decoding and packaging each type of furniture. These steps include dismantling, transportation, and installation in addition to storage at some times. Here are the steps that Noor Al Shams Company takes when moving furniture in Sharjah: –

The first stage is the preparation of a list of furniture and the removal of furniture

The company initially looks at the furniture to be moved in order to prepare a list of each piece of furniture and separate each type separately so that these pieces are wrapped together, the company has a team of carpenter and decoding technicians who decode each piece of home furniture and number it until it is transferred Furniture is organized. The jawing is done with great care, as objects subject to breakage such as glassware and light items that need different packaging materials are separated from the rest of the furniture. Wooden furniture parts are also separated from metal furniture parts so as not to damage any part. This stage is very important because it ensures a large percentage of furniture delivery properly.

The second stage is packaging the furniture with good anti-shock packaging materials

This step comes after all furniture has been dismantled and numbered appropriately. Preparing for packing the furniture, each piece separately with the appropriate number placed on each piece after packaging. Bring the most durable and strong packaging materials that can withstand strong shocks, ensuring that the team of technicians and experts ensures that all furniture will remain intact and not be damaged. Bring packing materials made of cardboard and rubber and it bears great shock and is suitable for all furniture, be it wooden, glass or metal. Noor Al Shams is one of the best furniture manufacturers in Sharjah because of its interest in packaging quality and durability. Types of packaging for furniture differ from one type of furniture to another, so the company ‘

The third stage is the transfer of luggage and furniture to transport vehicles

This stage is very difficult, as it requires the skills and capabilities of the team to ensure that every piece of furniture is preserved. Some places need cranes and cranes in the case of the upper floors of buildings, but in the case of moving villa furniture, it is much easier. Because in this case, you do not need cranes or cranes to transport furniture from these upper floors. Noor Al Shams Company for moving furniture has a large group of giant machines that can transport furniture to transport cars, and there are cars of various sizes to transport all kinds of furniture.

The staff is professionally trained to handle this heavy equipment in transporting and downloading furniture from the upper floors of apartments and houses. Technicians are keen on delivering every piece of furniture to customers in complete safety so that customers’ trust is gained in more upcoming dealings. These things make Noor Al Shams Furniture Moving Company one of the best furniture shipping companies in Sharjah.

The fourth stage is the process of transportation and delivery of furniture

The furniture is transferred to the required authority during a specific period that is determined in advance with the customer, and this period is adhered to and does not go away. Respecting delivery dates makes the company the best furniture moving company in Sharjah and the rest of the Emirates. Delivery is done through a representative who is keen to stay with the shipment from the moment it was received until the moment it was delivered to the required authority and to make sure that all the furniture was connected in complete safety. After moving the furniture, it is lifted and connected to the upper floors by using the winches and cranes planned for that in the same way as downloading it.

The last stage is to disassemble and install the furniture after the transfer

After the furniture is connected to the required authority, the last stage comes, which includes the dismantling and installation of the furniture again. Each piece of furniture has a specific number, so there are decoding and packaging technicians who have the ability to reinstall the furniture again by the numbers that show them each piece of the other. The furniture must be dismantled properly in order to be installed in the same manner. The company has distinguished carpenters who have full knowledge of all types of furniture, so the process of installing furniture again will not take much time as expected.

The company is keen on delivering the furniture to the required destination without any obstacles or damages, Noor Al Shams is the most experienced in this field and has a distinguished staff. Furniture transportation cars in the company are receiving great attention, whether in maintenance or operation, in order to further ensure the delivery of furniture very quickly and more than any other company.

Take advantage of our expertise to move your home in Sharjah

We have various other services in relation to moving and installing furniture where the company can also remove and install curtains with the possibility of providing cleaning services. Technicians have the ability to install all types of curtains, so we do not face any difficulty installing and transporting curtains from one place to another. There is also a lot of other equipment that needs to be dismantled and encapsulated as the company can decipher and encapsulate the TV, which is one of the most difficult devices and needs sensitive handling by technicians who are knowledgeable and know how to disassemble and operate it again.

Packaging of commercial goods is a difficult matter that also needs good skills in dealing with all of these goods. Sunlight has freight and discharge workers who can handle all types of goods and how to move them from one place to another. It is necessary to know that the field of loading and unloading goods needs trained hands and ready to deal, so our workers have enough experience that makes them deal with those goods with great care, as they wear masks and protectors that stay in safety in addition to the complete preservation of the goods.

The cheapest furniture moving company in Sharjah you might find is Noor Al Shams, you can search for a lot of companies to move furniture in Sharjah or the United Arab Emirates in general, and you will not be able to find a better place from this company . The price is different from anywhere else and the quality and speed of transportation are better. Transportation services are provided throughout the week with 24-hour customer service.

The main mission of Noor Al Shams Furniture Moving is to delight its customers and ensure the best possible furniture transfer experience for them. You will decide to use the company’s services a lot of times after trying it for the first time. There are many customers who have praised our services and what we offer in the field of cargo transportation and home furniture. If you Want to get more Information Please Contact Us or get a Free Custom Quote

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